Henry Water Heater Information

Henry Water Heater Information





Design Features:

    •    Installed through the wall of the caravan so that only the flue is visible from the outside, overcoming the problem of freezing pipes in winter.
    •    Fuel source, LP gas, butane or propane, 230v AC, and 12v DC supply to the control system.
    •    Slim shape, fits in narrow spaces.
    •    Fast drain down facility
    •    Both power sources can be used together to reduce warm-up time
Technical Specifications:
    •    Capacity 9 litres
    •    Water supply 1.4 bar maximum, to a male nozzle to accept 12mm bore reinforced or semi-rigid hose
    •    Weight empty 5.68 kg maximum
    •    Temperature 72C Maximum.
    •    Insulation heat loss, 3c per hour.
    •    Gas feed pipe 8mm O/D
    •    Gas Pressure Butane 28mbar, Propane 37mbar, Butane/Propane 30mbar**
    •    Gas consumption 1.2kw when firing
    •    Mains supply 230v AC, Consumption 4.0 amps (950w)
    •    Warm up time (Gas) 55-60c after 23 minutes
    •    Warm up time (AC) 55-60c after 38 minutes
    •    Warm up time (Gas & AC) 55-60c after 15 minutes



Replacement for the Carver Cascade water heater complete with wall switch and cable. 9 litres of hot water can be kept at 70c, enough to power a shower or family washing and can be warmed up to temperature in less than 25 minutes. The Henry dual fuel is installed through the wall so that only the flue is visible from the outside. It has a slim shape for the narrowest of spaces, is easy to install and maintain. Please note that the burner module is not compatible with the carver wall switch and the carver burner module is not compatible with the Henry wall switch.

An alternative water heater to replace a carver heater or any other standard water heater for caravans/Motorhomes/Horse Boxes/Trailer Tents/etc. This unit is not just a replacement, it has been used in conversions and installed in various vehicles to provide hot water with a miniml of fuss. Also replaces the Carver Cascade.

The Henry Water Heater has a capacity of 9 litres, and can heat water quickly to up to 70C.

The dimensions of the Henry Water Tank are: Width 210mm x Height 240mm x Length 545mm, the cowl size is: Width 260mm x Height 275mm.

The Henry Water Heater is dual-fuel gas and electric (240V AC 830W).

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